Jovan Alexandre

The Band

The Band

Photo by Liron Joseph

The band:

  • Tenor Saxophone – Jovan Alexandre
  • Guitar – Andrew Renfroe
  • Piano – Taber Gable
  • Bass – Matt Dwonszyk
  • Drums – Jonathan Barber

Alexandre's talented bandmates – guitarist Andrew Renfroe, pianist Taber Gable, bassist Matt Dwonszyk, and drummer Jonathan Barber – are similarly attuned to the aesthetic of controlled passion that Alexandre has inherited from McLean, so there is a certain hard-bop (and modernist) classicism at work in Collective Consciousness. Alexandre's uniqueness, though, says one of Alexandre's mentors, fellow tenor saxophonist René McLean, “lies in his personal sound. He plays free of bombast, full of texture. His sound can variously seem molten and sharp-cornered within the same tune, sometimes within the same phrase. The melody lines are stately, whatever their tempo. Yet an understated, almost implied, restlessness inheres in nearly all his solos on Collective Consciousness.”